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Flatpack Dual Function Desk
Furniture Design

I was brought on board to design a new contemporary range of childrens flat pack furniture. The main focus of the range was a desk that featured two-faced desktops which flip simply according to mood & activity of a child, eg a white side for homework and a picture side for play time.

The desk is supplemented by chair or stool and various desk accessories all made from sustainably-sourced Finnish Birch wood. All pieces are bought flat-packed and are constructed using a no-screws.

Each desk surface comes with a picture side and a plain side, when flipped down to white side, the desk can either sit elegantly as a simple, well-designed modern bedroom/ playroom piece of furniture OR become a blank canvas for a child’s creativity.

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Childrens Furniture Range
Flatpack Concepts

Here are just a couple of the items in the range that I was asked to design and their accompanying computer generated models and CAD drawings that were sent to the manufacturer.

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