With over 7 years of experience from both Design Agency and manufacturing, I believe I can offer a rare mix of abilities and understanding across the multi level requirements of the design and manufacturing industry. I see myself as a Jack of all trades, master of some kinda guy, as I’ve been lucky enough to of gained valuable experience from working as a graphic and website Designer, studied product design and worked for a furniture and shop fit company. Because of my mixed background in the world of design I believe I can offer the full design package that not many other designers can.

My design skills & experiences
(i’m pretty all rounded in the industry of design)

Furniture Design
Graphic Design & Marketing
Website Design (front & back end)
Product Design & Development
Tea Making

A little history: Since graduating from Kingston University after studying Product & Furniture Design (BA hons), I have gone on to work as a creative designer for a Design & Marketing agency (4 years), worked as a furniture designer for a traditional furniture manufacturer (1 year) and am currently working as a website designer for a telecommunications company (2+ year), while all the time working as a freelance multidisciplinary designer (4+ years). Want to add to the story?

Random facts
(that you might not want to know)

  • My favourite colour is orange

  • I like all sports: I play it, watch it, love it

  • I dye my hair (we got to keep looking young)

  • I absolutely love gadgets & technology

  • I'm bit of a gaming nerd

  • I have 2 sugars in my tea

  • I can't spell (so if you spot any, let me know)

  • If I was a Ninja Turtle, I would be Donatello

  • I love Lego & Transformers (I'm a big kid)

  • I have both brown AND green eyes

  • Love both contempory & traditional design

  • I dislike random facts about people ;o)

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