Why the blog?

Why the Blog // You might be wondering, what’s with the Blog Josh? Well I ask myself that every time I make a visit to it, as I’m the first to admit, I’m not a great blogger, and I don’t pretend to be. This whole Blog thing is something I’m not particular interested in at the moment, it unfortunately takes a lot of effort for me to make posts and keep up to date here. I guess I’m just not a natural blogger, but hey, give me credit for trying, lol.

Ok, so what’s different about this Blog from others // To be honest with you, I won’t pretend, there’s absolutely nothing amazingly different here, lol (*close the browser window on your way out*). I’m just another freelance “designer” trying to increase his online presence. On some levels I’m embarrassed by this blog, and to be a “blogger” but as I find my blogging style and confidence I hope to surprise even myself and create some fun and hopefully interesting and helpful posts for others to enjoy. (that’s if I get any visitors).

So, what’s going to be on the blog // Good question. Again, I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not entirely sure myself yet (haha, I’m really selling this blog arent I). I have a lot of interests, but specially in the world of design and technology, so predominantly articles will be made on those areas. Bringing you hopefully some interesting design articles/websites, tutorials (not that I rate myself qualified to write a decent tutorial) and freebies, which have either been written by me, or ones that I have found to be useful myself, (as my Firefox bookmarks are forever being added to, and shortly being lost). I will also be using this Blog as a virtual sketchbook, a place to store some of my sketch/designs/ideas that I feel don’t have a place on my main website just yet. To round off, I also like to think I have a healthy sence of humor so you will likely find very random posts on funny or interesting youtube clips or internet articles I just wanted to share.

What on earth is up with your spelling and grammar // Very fair comment, I’m a terrible speller, and my use of grammar is appalling. I’m 26 and I still don’t know where to put the comma’s and full stops in sentences, so please be patient with me, and try to overlook them, I mean no harm. hehe.

The End // Finally!! I will end the waffle there, but I do hope I get some visitors here, and that you find something of interest, enjoyment or of help. And please don’t hesitate in posting comments on my blog, it’s always nice to know you’ve had guests.