Exposed cables? Why not Pretty them up?!

These cable clips are called Wire Blooms. They basically turn your cords and cables into vines on a wall–and hold them up there to boot. Not too shabby. I like this idea, because as hard as I try to keep things clean and minimal, I always inevitably end up with a cable or two along … 


Mmmvelopes that taste like Bacon!

Because we all know “Everything should taste like bacon”, so here’s another treat for your taste buds. This might be the end to e-mail as we know it. Brace yourselves. Not only do these delectable looking envelopes LOOK like bacon, they also taste like bacon when you lick them! Perfecto!


Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 7 handsets today

Todays big gadget and technology news spaming the interweb, is the announcement of Microsoft reportedly launching a range of Windows Phone 7 handsets later today (Oct 11th 2010) at the Microsoft and AT&T press conference which could be available by the end of the month.