New Facebook Photo Viewer

Well, I’ve just been hit with the new Facebook photo viewer, and my word it’s horrible. From what I can see it was apparently rolled-out back in October last year in America, and like a disease it’s slowly infecting us all.


New Messaging Service from Facebook

Facebook’s much-hyped email service is here. But it’s most definitely not the epic Gmail rival that some tech fanatics were hoping for. In fact, it’s more of a reboot of the entire Messages offering on the social network, allowing you to access Chat, Email and text messages all in one place.


Benefits of using Twitter and Facebook for your business

With Social Networking sites becoming more popular each day and with people excessively using sites such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses have found a new form of providing clients and potential clients with up to date promotions and a chance to promote their company for no additional costs. With times changing and modernising, isn’t it …