Social Media And PR Campaign For An 8th Birthday Party

What better way for an agency that creates online video for their clients (Canadian Agency St John) to get coverage for itself around the world than to create a p*ss take video about PR and social media and place it in the fake context of a kid’s 8th birthday party. This little video is hilariously funny and taps in to all the current buzz words and trends that are flying around and turns it in to a mock campaign video. It’s incredibly smart and a great cheap way for an agency to get coverage all over the world.

More and more agencies are producing content for themselves and it’s an incredibly smart thing to do because at the end of the day just because you are a video production, web design or social media agency in one country it doesn’t mean that you can’t do work for people all over the world. The tools that we all have at our disposal now make communication cheap and easy so traditional country borders are fading and people are looking further afield for support for their business or brand.



Josh is a multidsicplinary designer who has a love for creativity and design. He enjoys learning and experimenting in all areas of design. Please feel free to follow Josh on Twitter