Sharpie Brings Out A Liquid Pencil?

Sharpie unveiled a couple of days ago, their new ‘liquid pencil’. The pencil uses liquid graphite ‘ink’ to write like a pen, erase like a pencil, and eventually dry like a permanent marker. once written, you have three days to think about the validity and weight of your words. during this period you can erase it just like pencil marks. after the three days is up, the pencil lines will turn to ink and remain inscribed forever.

According to the sharpie blog the new liquid pencil will be in stores from next month, September 2010.  It’s on my shopping list, and that’s not just because David Beckham is asocciated with the Sharpie brand. Honest. 🙂 I will write up a review when I manage to get my hands on one of these in September, to see if it’s any good.



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