Self employment on the up in the public sector

The hot topic recently has been about the recession and its continued impact on the freelance job market. Only last week we revealed the results from a survey carried out by CIPD and now more research from has confirmed the same.

As Europe’s largest online business marketplace, has a network of over 120,000 freelancers who use the site to browse over 70,000 jobs. Their research has revealed that the huge government cuts which resulted in a whopping 132,000 job losses in 2010, have created more job opportunities for freelancers in the public sector. Digital projects have been making up a significant portion of the work being outsourced, with the overall number of digital job postings on the site increasing by a whopping 315 per cent over the last 12 months.

Where private sector companies have been utilising the talents and services of freelancers in place of more costly employees throughout this period of recession, it has only been recently that the public sector has realised the benefits of using freelancers and have started to openly embrace the self-employed.

With more government cuts ahead and the prospect of more employees turning to self employment, surely it can only result in an over-crowded market with increased competition for established freelancers. What are your thoughts?

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