Rumour Mill: iPhone 5 laptop dock incoming?

Insider claims Apple is planning to take on Motorola.

The Apple rumour mill certainly enjoys the odd curveball. And none are more odd than the latest morsel surrounding the forthcoming iPhone 5. The next-gen phone is apparently getting a dedicated laptop dock, with Apple looking to take on the sleek Motorola Atrix at its own game.

According to some of ITProPortal’s “intelligence”, the laptop dock will let users slip the iPhone into a slot where a trackpad would normally sit. The iPhone would then be used as a mouse, with the dock running the cell’s iOS software and using its web connection.

The insider even reckons this new iPhone laptop dock will have a Retina Display. Apparently, the iPhone 4 will not play nice, but the next generation iPod touch and the iPhone 5 will.

While an iPhone laptop dock might seem extreme, the idea isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. The Motorola Atrix has proved that a phone can be used as a central computing hub, although surely such an effort from Apple would compromise the iPad.




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  • Simon

    Sounds cool, though I guess within 5-10 years you’ll just have a slot directly in an empty computer shell to fit your phone into effectively integrating both machines.

  • Yeah I agree with you Si. I personally really like this idea. Aslong as the phones get more and more powerful I think your right, in 5-10 years this will be the road they take.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂