New Facebook Photo Viewer

Well, I’ve just been hit with the new Facebook photo viewer, and my word it’s horrible. From what I can see it was apparently rolled-out back in October last year in America, and like a disease it’s slowly infecting us all.

Facebook rolled out an improved Photo experience by making it simpler and faster to view photos.  Sharing photos is one of the most enjoyable and interesting ways we tell stories and learn about each other.  With the new photo viewer, you can browse more photos without having to lose your place in Facebook.

Now, whenever you see a photo story and want to take a better look, you can click on the photo story and the new photo viewer will open on your screen. The photo will appear within a black frame and the screen around it will dim. The viewer shows photos of all sizes, up to 720 pixels.  You can explore an entire photo album by moving forward or backward in the photo viewer, using either your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. To close the photo viewer, and return to what you were doing on Facebook, simply press “escape” or press the “X” in the upper right corner of the viewer.


I’ve found a way of getting back to the old viewer (not sure how long this will work for mind you). But to do it: right-click on the picture, then click ‘reload’ and it should go back to the old version.

In my eyes it has to be one of the most unnecessary bits of redesign I’ve seen Facebook do. And I’m not alone, there are already numerous ‘I hate the new Facebook photo viewer’ groups popping up, let’s see if Mark Zuckerberg and the FB boys listen to it’s users. Some how I doubt they will.

Has this new feature hit your Facebook account yet? If so what are your thoughts on the new viewer?



Josh is a multidsicplinary designer who has a love for creativity and design. He enjoys learning and experimenting in all areas of design. Please feel free to follow Josh on Twitter