My 26th Birthday and Quick YuuWaa, Qwaves Reviews

Birthday over with, now its downhill towards the the big 3.0, Oh dear!! Just a quick post to show off some of the nice gadge I got for my Birthday and some quick reviews on them, so click ‘continue reading’ if tech interests you. (I hope to do a full review on the Qwaves AV Kit and YuuWaa Go Flash Drive in the next coming months once I’ve had more hands on time with them, so if either interest you, please continue reading or come back).

I was a happy camper when I recieved the Q-waves Wireless USB AV Kit basically it allows you to stream content from a laptop/desktop to a tv. I’ve been pretty impressed from playing with it so far, I’ve so far streamed a film or two from my desktop PC to my 38inch flat screen, resolution is great, and no signs of ghosting on the films I’ve watched so far. Need to test it out on gaming. Only downer I have at mo, is theres no Mac drivers yet, I’ve contacted them, and they told me there will be one by the end of May *cross fingers*.

Q-Waves AV Kit

The last thing I’ll add here (as I dont want to come across as a show off) is the YuuWaa 4gb USB flash drive I recieved from my girlfriend. She had bought it for me from the Gadget Show live a couple of weeks before when I first clocked it. I have a thing for USB flash drives, I seem to be collecting them, without knowing. This ones different though, it comes with a nice bit of software embedded that backs up the content on your flash drive to a cloud acount. I’ve always wanted to experiement with cloud storage and this is my first step on the ladder. Initial reactions on it are good, the user face is easy to use, all be it a bit slow and buggy. But again no support for Mac users!! I also contacted them, and they too gave me a May date for drivers. (note: they have beta drivers already, but honestly, they don’t work, I pointed the glitches out to them, so we’ll see).

YuuWaa go 4gb Flash Drive

Oh and this post wouldn’t be complete without a shot of my Birthday cake, so here it is. This was my Banofee-Pie-Birthday cake. You gotta love mothers 🙂

Banoffee-Pie-Birthday cake



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  • Claire R

    Just stopping by to say, I look forward to reading some of your other gadget and tech reviews.
    Also I loved the Birthday cake 🙂
    Happy belated Birthday btw.

  • Charlotte

    great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. 🙂