Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 7 handsets today

Todays big gadget and technology news spaming the interweb, is the announcement of Microsoft reportedly launching a range of Windows Phone 7 handsets later today (Oct 11th 2010) at the Microsoft and AT&T press conference which could be available by the end of the month.

It is believed that handsets from LG, Samsung and HTC will feature in the press conference and will be launched this month. There have been sources suggesting that October 21st 2010 will be the date of availability. We will know more later today after the press conference at 2:30pm UK time.

It has already been announced that they have some exciting development partners already on board; Pandora, Netflix, Foursquare, the Associated Press, Shazam and Seesmic will all have applications on the Windows Phone 7 Series marketplace and are working with the company to build apps for it. It will need the support of these developers if it’s to have any chance of competing with the iPhone or Android. It all sounds promising, but we already know about a couple of Windows Phone 7’s drawbacks: apparently, devices based on WP7 won’t support copy and paste, and tethering.

If you want to know more about this eagerly anticipated phone, then check out the Windows Phone 7 demo page here.



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