How to upload a video from iMovie to Youtube

You may of noticed you unfortunately can’t simply upload a project you created in iMovie straight to youtube, you will need to convert it to a file type youtube is familiar with and can use. I recently tried to upload my own movie I created in iMovie, and struggled for a while where and how to export it to something compatible with YouTube. So if your struggling like I did, I hope this article may help you… Goodluck.

Okay, enough of the waffle. Basically what we need to do is convert it our iMovie video into a quicktime file. First, open the iMovie. Go up to the top bar where it says ‘Share’ (why it isn’t export, I don’t know). Move your mouse down to where it says ‘Quicktime’ and click on it. A window will pop up. Look for where it says ‘Compress Movie For:’ and click the pull down menu and select ‘Web Streaming’. Then click the share button which is at the bottom.

Don’t worry, this part may take several minutes depending on the size of you movie to convert it to a Quicktime file. Then, when it’s finished, go to your YouTube account and click upload at the top to upload your movie to your acount. Simples huh.

As a futher note, if the upload doesn’t work, it maybe the file size of your movie. As YouTube has a size limit on movies allowed to be uploaded. If the movie is too big, you can do one of two things. First, you can try converting it to Quicktime again, except this time choose a smaller file size (It should show you the file size when you choose something from the pull down menu) this will reduce the quality of your movie. The second aproach is you can try and cut things out of your movie, long intros or endings for instance. Chances are, if your movie is too big and your having problems with the size of your movie it’s likely people won’t take the time to watch it anyway.

Below is the recent video I converted in iMovie and uploaded to youtube on behalf of a client of ours, the quality is pretty poor, but hey ho, it’s a boring video anyway 🙂

I’m the one in the shorts by the way, my first and probably only acting gig. lol.



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