How to: Link to a specific point in a YouTube video

If you want to link to a specific part of a video on YouTube, you can. Just read this really simple and quick tutorial on it.

For example:

Notice the “#t=2m07s” on the end of the url? That piece of code at the end of the link will take you 2 minutes (m) and 7 seconds (s) into the video. Linking to a particular minute and second can be really helpful — for example, I used this only recently because I wanted to send a video clip pointing my friend to a specific funny quote in a trailer. This simple function really comes into its own, when viewing a long conference video posted on youtube, and you wanted to point out a specific section for a client so that he didnt have to watch the whole video clip.

Deep-linking to a specific part of a YouTube video is really easy and extremely useful for sharing content to others so give it a whurl.



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