How To Change a Boot Camp Partition Size

I’m currently looking into adding more space to my Windows 7 boot camp partition because I’m vastly running out of hard-drive space due to new design software being installed . There are a few ways out there to do this on your Mac, but below is the option that I’ve found out on the web, that I feel I will be going with, as it seems simple enough even I can manage it.

First off, you will need to download Winclone from here and install it on you Mac OS, also you will want to grab an external hard-drive that you are happy to format.

To increase the size of your Windows partition use the following steps.

  1. Make a backup of your Boot Camp partition from Windows. (optional)
  2. Run Winclone.
  3. In Winclone create an “Image” to your Mac-formatted external hard drive.
  4. Use Boot Camp Assistant to return your drive to a 100% Mac-formatted partition.
  5. Use Boot Camp Assistant to make new Boot Camp partition larger than your original partition size.
  6. When it asks for Windows disk, quit Boot Camp Assistant.
  7. Run Winclone again and “Restore” your Windows image to the new partition.

I also managed to find this really straight forward and clear video (by thesavage042) on the steps above, on how to increase your Bootcamp partition without too much hassle.

I hope the above helps anyone out there. Please let me know if it was a success for you, as I will be doing it myself very shortly no doubt. Goodluck!




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