How Big is Social Media in the UK?

The social media and networking is growing extremely fast in the UK alone. Apparently 85 percent of the population ok the UK is now online; and they can spend up to, or even over 6 hours every month on any of the usual social media sites that are out there on the web. Nearly 60 percent of online users will read blogs and 64% have their own profile on a social network.

With these new figures, it’s no wonder why more and more companies have stood up and took note, and realised the huge potential of adapting to the current virtual trends, and creating social profiles for themselves. Reaching potential markets has never been easier. Please read my other post ‘Benefits of using Twitter and Facebook for your business’ for more details on the benefits of being on social media sites for your business.

These numbers I mentioned above come from Simply Zesty, a UK based online PR and social media firm. I have included below their very nice video which talks about many interesting social media related figures. As Simply Zest is a UK based company, the facts and numbers in the video are based on the UK’s online population, but many of the points raised in the video can be related across the globe.



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