Future Home in the next 20 years

Blog extract taken from T3 Magazine : Imagine a home where, at the flick of a switch, you could turn your walls into Interactive multimedia displays, providing you with fully immersive entertainment, Education and information – they could even improve your cookery. Microsoft’s Surface and light blue optics’ light touch projected touchscreens are just the beginning of the rise of interactive surfaces. Soon you won’t ever again say, “imagine if these walls could talk,” because you know what? They actually will be able to…

See below for the tech to enter our homes in the future:

The projector

You’ll have to hook up your 360º HD Projector to a central point – a light fitting is one obvious option – or build them into your walls. multiple lenses cover up to four walls making them instantly interactive, while an ambient lighting system will illuminate the room to suit the colour being projected, giving optimum viewing conditions.

Room to live

Once up and running, choose your content. for example, if you want to enjoy the action from the 2018 World Cup, set your projector to make your walls fully immersed into the match. watch life-size players on one or two walls with stats, replays and alternative angles all ready to be pulled up when you choose. more
prosaically, the system will allow you to “redecorate” at the push of a button, changing wall colours and patterns and setting lighting to suit your mood or viewing requirements.

Virtual Chef

Interactive surface technology isn’t limited to projections. in the kitchen, your worktops will be knife-proof, next-gen touchscreens. place food anywhere
and the surface beneath becomes a set of scales. draw a circle round a group of foods and recipe ideas will be generated by a virtual chef of your choice. future classroom

Future classroom

Microsoft’s research into “virtual education” seeks to transform the classroom into an endlessly adaptable world of the teacher’s choosing. they’ll be able to transport kids across space – touch a planet and learn about it – or call up real-world examples of the laws of physics rather than having to rely on dry equations.

Electric bedroom

Attach RFID tags to your kids’ toys and they’ll communicate with the surfaces. they’ll know what toy is being played with and change the environment to suit – play with a toy lion and you’re in the jungle; get out a toy car and you’re at silverstone. if you’re in the living room hearing your kids having fun past their bedtime, just type a message onto their wall from your wall to tell them to get to bed, or talk to the wall to appear on theirs, thereby making your kids view you as a sort of omnipresent, godlike figure. hopefully.



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