Free Online File Conversion – Zamzar

Converting file’s can be abit of a problem, especially as a freelancer starting out in the industry, with varying clients needing different formats of images or video file types. This is a great free online service for those people who don’t have all the relevant and often expensive software packages.

Enter Zamzar *drum roll*. While it’s not perfect as it’s still currently in beta, it’s free (so can’t really moan to much) and it’s really easy and fast to use, with pretty good end results.

With Zamar, it’s all online, you won’t need to download anything (there are a few popup adverts, but your browser blockers can deal with those). All you have to do is go to then simply browse to the file you want to convert (for instance if you wanted a jpg converting to a pdf, or a mp4 to an avi ) next all you will need to do is pull down the drop down menu and select the file type you want your file to be converted to, enter your email address, and click convert, then you can go and make yourself a cup of tea while you wait until they send you an email with the download links in. Pretty cool.

As it is still in Beta, they don’t accept ‘every’ file type (although they seem to do all the common ones) and the free version only allows 100mb per upload (which is plenty to be honest with you). But hey it’s free, you can’t complain about that. There is a paid option, but who likes to pay for stuff these days when you can get a job done on the cheap.

So why not head over to next time you need a file converting.



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