Why ads will never look the same again

Social media inevitably goes in phases – a new toy or campaign comes out and everyone wants to get in on the fun. We’re seeing this at the moment and there’s also a new trend out there – content that you can play with (commonly known as interactive content). While certainly not new, it is … 


New Messaging Service from Facebook

Facebook’s much-hyped email service is here. But it’s most definitely not the epic Gmail rival that some tech fanatics were hoping for. In fact, it’s more of a reboot of the entire Messages offering on the social network, allowing you to access Chat, Email and text messages all in one place.


Mozilla Launches a New Way to Share Links

For webmasters and web surfers alike, seeing a row of a half-dozen “share this” buttons above or below every piece of web content can be both visually distracting and confusing to the user. Many companies are building work-arounds for this common interaction design problem of the digital age, and Mozilla has just thrown its hat … 


Fantastic Packaging

During my daily search of all things design, I stumbled upon awesomepackaging where they had published these brilliant examples of how good photography can be exploited to create great packaging. These bottle designs were for Cesura Tea and were designed by Heather Lee. I really love them, such a simple idea, but hugely effective visually.


The Queen join’s Facebook, but say’s no to poking

The Royals  are already regular users of Twitter and YouTube — but now Britain’s royal family is setting up its own page on the Internet social networking site Facebook. But Facebook users who are hoping to “poke” the queen, become her Facebook friend or post comments on her status updates will be left disappointed.


Microsoft Windows 8 Is 2 Years Away

In a blog post on its Dutch website, Microsoft said that the next version of Windows, Windows 8, is in the works, but that the new operating system will not hit the market for about two years. The news came at the bottom of a post commemorating Windows 7’s one-year anniversary, and suggests a substantially …