Free 2D and 3D Programs

  It’s been a while, but I found some free time this weekend to do a quick post. And thought I would turn my attention to posting some free alternative software to 2D and 3D program’s such as: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, VectorWorks etc.


Free alternatives to Illustrator

Similar to my post on free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, this time around, I am bringing some useful FREE alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is another vital design program especially for designers in the graphic industry, but with all Adobe software packages they come with a high price tag. So the below are just a … 


10 Free E-Books ideal for any Web Designers

I found these great free web design eBook on Mashable earlier this month, and have been meaning to keep them and store them here on my own blog, so here they are.  E-books have become hugely popular since the introduction of the iPad that has made them much more commercial (the Kindle didn’t get as … 


Simple Twitter Background: Create your own

Have you always wanted to design your own Twitter background? But never had the graphic design skills or no-how. Then have a read of this article on how to create your own very simple, quick and easy Twitter background, either from scratch or through a simple online website that I have linked below.