Free Online File Conversion – Zamzar

Converting file’s can be abit of a problem, especially as a freelancer starting out in the industry, with varying clients needing different formats of images or video file types. This is a great free online service for those people who don’t have all the relevant and often expensive software packages. Enter Zamzar *drum roll*. While … 


Simple Twitter Background: Create your own

Have you always wanted to design your own Twitter background? But never had the graphic design skills or no-how. Then have a read of this article on how to create your own very simple, quick and easy Twitter background, either from scratch or through a simple online website that I have linked below.


Super Promecha Pencil Review

The latest in a line of precision pencils from Japan, the Ohto Promecha 1500P series is a newly modeled professional drafting/drawing pencil that’s in a league of its own. I personally have the 1503P 0.3mm Super Promecha mechanical pencil, I’ve had it for a few months now, and have been meaning to make a post … 


How to upload a video from iMovie to Youtube

You may of noticed you unfortunately can’t simply upload a project you created in iMovie straight to youtube, you will need to convert it to a file type youtube is familiar with and can use. I recently tried to upload my own movie I created in iMovie, and struggled for a while where and how … 


A helping hand with colour schemes

Have you ever struggled when it comes to picking a fantastic colourscheme for your website or graphic work? Ever wondered what colours would go well togeather or which ones would work against each other to create a dramatic scheme?