The Queen join’s Facebook, but say’s no to poking

The Royals  are already regular users of Twitter and YouTube — but now Britain’s royal family is setting up its own page on the Internet social networking site Facebook. But Facebook users who are hoping to “poke” the queen, become her Facebook friend or post comments on her status updates will be left disappointed.


3 Common Mistakes When Growing an Idea into a Business

Passion is an unbelievable thing.  It’s often what motivates me to get up in the morning, and it definitely what fuels me to be exceptional at my job. You need passion to start something new, to go above and beyond, or even to approach something in a completely original way.  Passion is what differentiates a … 


How To Change a Boot Camp Partition Size

I’m currently looking into adding more space to my Windows 7 boot camp partition because I’m vastly running out of hard-drive space due to new design software being installed . There are a few ways out there to do this on your Mac, but below is the option that I’ve found out on the web, … 


Periodic Table Of Typefaces

During my travels across the interweb I found this really cool poster design of a periodic table of typefaces. Really nice! I know what I want for Christmas. 🙂


How Do You Keep, Develop and Execute Ideas?

Article taken from Devloung: I’m fond of keeping an idea notebook close at hand. It’s usually my mobile phone, since I’m unlikely to lose it (crossing my fingers here!), and I can sync notes to my computer. I often have fleeting ideas of some great design concept, web application, or article, and it’s usually gone … 


iPhone 5 to feature integrated SIM?

Apple working on integrated SIM for iPhone 5. Networks, be very afraid. As rumour and speculation surrounding the touted iPhone 5 grows, new reports suggest that the predicted Apple handset will include an integrated SIM card allowing Apple to assign networks to individual handsets at customer’s request.